Moving Traditions’ trainings for educators, clergy, and mentors who work with youth are practical, fun, and inspiring.

Practical: Our trainings provide participants with clear guidance and field-tested curricular resources that help them to structure successful, ongoing youth-focused educational experiences. Participants learn how to engage diverse learners in group settings and how to connect the life experiences of preteens and teens to Jewish values, texts, and rituals.

Fun: Engaging in play and awakening creativity are core to successful informal Jewish education with youth, and all the trainings that we offer provide a wide range of pedagogical modalities to engage hearts, bodies, and minds in the learning process.

Inspiring: Participants come away from Moving Traditions trainings having explored multiple perspectives on the journey of adolescence, including engaging with questions about social and gender codes that deepen their personal understanding of the mentor-student relationship. They leave feeling inspired to learn from teens and energized by the ways that the Jewish community can create spaces where youth can thrive.

“Learning how Jewish values map onto the goals of social-emotional learning is so exciting. I appreciate Moving Tradition’s whole approach to working with preteens and teens. This training gave a clear picture of how we can meet the needs of today’s teens and increase communication between them and their parents, all in a Jewish way.”
– Trained Educator

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No matter which program you’re offering, or whether you are new to Moving Traditions or a returning partner,
our training sessions are a required resource to help facilitators achieve amazing outcomes.

Training Options

Send your educational team to a Moving Traditions training (new partners) or kick-off (returning partners) and enrich your education program.

Carol Lowenstein Moving Traditions B–Mitzvah Training Institute

For the B-Mitzvah Family Education Program

Trainees will learn:

  • The Moving Traditions approach to Family Education @ B-Mitzvah
  • How to use our extensive curriculum to help families connect Jewish wisdom to the social-emotional development of b-mitzvah age students
  • Best practices for facilitating family and preteen sessions


  • For Synagogues:
    • Kulam for Classroom
    • Kulam for Teaching Assistants
  • For Camps:
    • Kulam for Campers
    • Kulam for CITs

Trainees will learn:

  • The Moving Traditions approach to working with teens in a school or camp setting
  • How to help teens ask big questions about where, why and how they belong
  • Best practices for facilitating authentic and dynamic conversations with teens

Rosh Hodesh, Shevet, or Tzelem

Trainees will learn:

  • Moving Traditions’ unique pedagogy and approach to working with teens
  • Best practices for facilitating a group
  • How to use our curriculum (and make it your own!)

CultureShift Training for Your Camp Staff

Through CultureShift, Moving Traditions trains staff working with Jewish youth at camp and elsewhere about navigating gender dynamics, setting healthy boundaries, and building caring communities. We offer three plug-and-play programs for staff training—with activities, materials, and training scripts. There are three options for training:

Do-It-Yourself Kit: Two staff members to attend a training session with other camps and have access to all three units. Training includes highlights of our program activities, best practices, and facilitation tips.